It Started out as a Great Christmas

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I came up during the era when skateboarding seemed to be the in thing, thanks to movies like Gleaming the Cube. I remember my mom asking me what I wanted for Christmas one year. Among other items, I wanted a skateboard.

To my delight, I received exactly what I asked for that Christmas.

I could not wait to go outside and try out my new skateboard. I quickly found out it was much harder than it looked to maneuver that skateboard.

I couldn’t ride very far without falling off.

I remember trying for hours on Christmas day to master having one foot on the board and using the other to propel down the street. I didn’t quite get it down on that day.

I woke up the next day, looking forward to trying it again. When I went to retrieve my skateboard from the back porch, it was no longer there. It took me awhile to concede that I had been the victim of a theft. Apparently, someone else wanted a skateboard also.

So, I never got the chance to master riding a skateboard but I still thought it was cool.

Skateboarding movies made skateboarding seem so cool as the actors performed all of these great tricks while maneuvering that skateboard. Even the clothing the actors wore seemed cool. The hoodies with shorts or t shirts with shorts.

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