It Started out as a Great Christmas

This page may contain affiliate links. We may be compensated from the use of such links. I came up during the era when skateboarding seemed to be the in thing, thanks to movies like Gleaming the Cube. I remember my mom asking me what I wanted for Christmas one year. Among other items, I wantedContinue reading “It Started out as a Great Christmas”

6 Ways to not be Lonely on Thanksgiving

Lonely people dread the holiday season more than any other time of the year. Watching everyone around them connect to those they love makes their own feelings of emotional isolation even more profound. Indeed, the holidays can make loneliness feel especially excruciating.  Guy Winch, Ph.D, Psychology Today Do you dread this upcoming Thanksgiving? Do youContinue reading “6 Ways to not be Lonely on Thanksgiving”

4 Things to Know when your Relationship/Marriage Ends

Can you recall a time that your significant other or spouse told you something so devastating that you did not know how to react? My spouse caught me off guard this past week when he informed me that he wanted to see other people. I went through almost the same thing within in my firstContinue reading “4 Things to Know when your Relationship/Marriage Ends”