6 Ways to not be Lonely on Thanksgiving

Lonely people dread the holiday season more than any other time of the year. Watching everyone around them connect to those they love makes their own feelings of emotional isolation even more profound. Indeed, the holidays can make loneliness feel especially excruciating.  Guy Winch, Ph.D, Psychology Today

Do you dread this upcoming Thanksgiving? Do you feel especially lonely around this time of the year? Read below for suggestions to help get you through this Thanksgiving without the feelings of loneliness.

Be a host

If you enjoy cooking, why not cook Thanksgiving dinner at your house? You can invite other people who also may not have any plans for Thanksgiving.  If you cannot afford to provide the entire meal, have your guests to bring a dish and make it a potluck. 

stock photo courtesy of Sarah Pflug from Burst

After dinner is over, it will be time to watch football. If you do not want to host Thanksgiving dinner, how about a football watch party? 

If you are not into football, maybe you can invite a group of people over for a game night. There are a ton of games out there such as card games, Scrabble, and Taboo. 

stock photo courtesy of Sarah Pflug from Burst

Visit those who cannot visit others

Do you know of anyone that is sick or shut-in? They would probably be delighted to have a visitor on Thanksgiving. Take them dinner, if they can have it, and sit and visit for a while. 

Enjoy your children or grandchildren

If your children do not reside with you, you can invite them to Thanksgiving dinner at your house or a game night on Thanksgiving night. 

If you have small children, you can make it a memorable holiday for them. You can take them to the movies or to the bowling alley. 

As a young child, I looked forward to Thanksgiving night. This was the night that my mom took my brother and me to see the “Christmas lights”. There was an affluent neighborhood in my city where all the houses had Christmas lights. There would be a line of cars driving slowly through this neighborhood as people in the cars admired the decorations. 

When I had children of my own, I continued the tradition with them.  

The other tradition, in my family, was we put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night. My mom made us hot Dr. Pepper with lemon, and we decorated our Christmas tree. Again, I kept the same tradition going with my own children. 

stock photo courtesy of Sarah Pflung from Burst

If you do not have small children, maybe you can enjoy doing things like this with your grandchildren.

Get out of the House

Some people may choose to volunteer to work on Thanksgiving if they do not have any plans.  Some companies may provide Thanksgiving dinner to the employees working that day. 

If you do not want to work, there are other things that you can do.

If you like to shop, you may want to participate in Black Friday shopping. I believe that Walmart is opening on 6pm on Thanksgiving evening this year.

Check your local newspaper and facebook for events that may be going on in your area. Someone may be hosting a Thanksgiving party at a local venue.  

For the past few years, my children and I have enjoyed going to the local Applebees and having appetizers around 10 or 11pm on Thanksgiving night. You can also do this with a group of friends and at another restaurant that is open on Thanksgiving. You may be surprised who you may see there. I often see former classmates, who have moved away, but are in town for Thanksgiving visiting their families.

Connect with other People

Do you have any friends or family that live in another town? If they do not have any plans, maybe you can travel to where they live and visit with them or you both can travel together to a place that you both want to visit. 

Maybe some of your old friends from school will be in town for Thanksgiving. Reach out to them and invite them to stop by, or maybe they will invite you over to their family’s house. 

Make your own Plans

Even if my ideas do not sound appealing to you, I hope that I have at least helped you to form some ideas of your own. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness, and you must take proactive steps to live your life to the fullest and not wallow in loneliness. Start making plans today to make this Thanksgiving a great Thanksgiving. 

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What are some other things that people can do in order to avoid being lonely on Thanksgiving?

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M.E. Burke holds a MBA and works as a certified professional in the supply chain industry. In addition, she is an owner/operator of an online retail store..

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